All Relaxellent massage services are provided by a male masseur only.

The pinnacle of the deep tissue massage class is the IASTM (Instrument Assisted Soft Tissue Mobilisation) massage. The techniques used in IASTM are designed to immediately soften any and all muscles, no matter how tight or knotted they are. The IASTM massage even works flawlessly with large muscle groups affected by stiffness or knotting as the force used during the massage is directed with precision.

An IASTM massage utilises professional equipment to target any muscle regardless of how tight it is. Equipment includes stainless steel massagers and other tools to effortlessly breakup and soften stiff, tight muscles.

The tools that our massage therapist, George, will use throughout the massage are sterile and sturdy stainless steel massagers. These are designed to break up knots in muscles and release pressure in every muscle from your back and arms to your hands and feet.

Learn more about how IASTM works [Video Below]

An IASTM massage is fairly complex to those who don’t know exactly how the science behind the massage works. We’ve provided a video below to give you more of an insight into exactly how the process works.

Going beyond the human hand

Most massage therapists will tell you that there is no replacement for the human hand, knuckles or elbows when it comes to deep tissue manipulation. Though, this simply isn’t the case. When you integrate the use of IASTM and the tools associated with it, the duration and depth of the massage are increased massively.

One of the best ways to put this into perspective is to say that the human hand comes nowhere near the solid, curved and bevelled edges of IASTM equipment. An IASTM massage can sustain far greater pressure on a muscle for much longer and that can easily reveal the source of muscle soreness – adhesions.

What are Muscle Adhesions?

A muscle adhesion is simply the consequence of a muscle that has remained contracted for a long period of time. This results in the muscle fibres bonding and basically sticking together.

If you visualise muscle fibres like a fence, each one of these fibres should be in a singular row. When an adhesion is thrown into the mix these ‘fences’ become tangled and stuck together. This causes pain in the muscle as these tangled fibres bond with sensitive nervesfibres.

An IASTM massage helps to remove these adhesions by forcing them back into a straight line and untangling all of the nerves, muscle fibres and blood trapped within them.

IASTM Locates and Treats these Adhesions

During an IASTM massage, your masseur will be able to almost immediately locate adhesions deep within the muscle and begin to work these out. This will require a deep, consistent pressure and might result in your skin showing signs of bruising or cracks, though this is entirely normal. These marks and bruises (Petechiae) are simply the results of trapped blood being released from those painful adhesions.

IASTM Can Even Release Old Injuries

An ‘old injury’ is simply an adhesion that has been left long enough to become scarred and fibrous. Don’t let this concern you too much though. A few IASTM treatments will have these muscle tissues back to normal after the adhesions are broken up and the muscles become softer.

Was Your Last Deep Tissue Massage a Disappointment?

If you’ve had a few massages before, you might have noticed that the deep tissue massage wasn’t really that ‘deep.’ This, unfortunately, happens to a lot of people. The most common reason behind a ‘shallow’ tissue massage is down to the masseur not wanting to work hard or simply being exhausted from a previous client. They’re simply too tired to use force during your massage and you’re left with a deep tissue massage that doesn’t work out almost any adhesion.

At Relaxellent, our masseur ensures that every client is provided with the most authentic IASTM massage, no matter how many clients they have had prior. This is thanks to the development of different massage techniques which allows our masseur to continue to provide a deep tissue massage for hours on end without compromising the quality of the massage.

You might notice your Relaxellent massage consisting of multiple different movements and that’s down to the masseur utilising more than one joint. This enables a deep tissue massage for far longer with no compromises in the quality of the massage. Expect your masseur to utilise their elbows, wrists, knuckles, palms, and sometimes their thumbs to provide an ongoing deep tissue massage that lasts hours without getting ‘weaker’ over time.

To make the massage last even longer, the Relaxellent massage will incorporate a number of IASTM tools. These will allow for a deeper, more consistent and longer massage that doesn’t result in your masseur becoming even the slightest bit tired. That means your deep tissue massage can last hours, remove almost every muscle adhesion and your masseur won’t be exhausted.

If you’re ready to get started on your IASTM Massage, you’ll be glad to know our massage services extend from Shepparton to the surrounding areas of Echuca, Benalla, Kyabram, Wangaratta, Cobram and Bendigo.