Meet George Parker

Masseur. Expert Naturopath. Thought Field Therapist.

George Parker, N.D. B.H.Sc (Nat), Dip RM, TFT-Adv, is Relaxellent’s chief licensed massage therapist and expert naturopath.

Before George gained his Bachelor’s Degree in Health Science, his Diploma in Remedial Massage or even his certifications in Chinese Massage, Reiki and Thought Field Therapy, he was drawn to the countless natural disciplines. Being a very spiritual person and boasting a love of nature, George would spend hours in nature, horseback riding as well as studying philosophy and spirituality.

A few years after George begun his leap from the Health Schools Australia study into practical therapy, he became well-known for how thorough and reliable his services were. This allowed him to move on from working on his friends and family to the general public as a full-time masseur and naturopathic therapist.

To gain some insight into George’s expertise in the field of naturopathy, as well as his deep understanding of guided meditation and energy medicine, you can head over to Mindivine and Balansoul. You will also notice that George’s experience in Thought Field Therapy, Reiki, Meditation and Mind-Body Meditation are truly second to none. His experience in all of these fields are merged together to create new massage techniques that you simply can’t find anywhere else.

The websites above are testament to George’s faith in naturopathy and you might find that these websites contain information that will help you move forward with your journey to dealing with depression, managing anxiety or stress and even quitting smoking and weight loss. If you’re struggling with strengthening your mindset when dealing with quitting smoking, detoxification or even cancer, George’s advanced massage therapies are almost certainly going to help you out.

Today, George operates multiple natural massage and therapeutic businesses, providing hundreds of clients with a direct path to relaxation, comfort as well as mental healing. His unique, proprietary techniques are a seamless blend of old, new and experimental therapies to create a truly custom experience for clients. Every client is provided with an authentic experience and once each session is complete, a client’s pain, stress and discomfort simply evaporate. Leaving every client in a deep state of relaxation and wellness.