All Relaxellent massage services are provided by a male masseur only.

Developed specifically for those with chronic stiff and tight muscles from extended periods in wheelchairs and for disabilities that ‘lock’ the muscles, the Relaxellent disabilities massage has been created for the challenges people with a disability face.

Relaxellent Masseurs Disability Care Focus

George, Relaxellent’s masseur, personally became interested in using massage for disabilities and studied a Certificate 4 in Disability Care. Being a carer for more than a year, George noticed that there was a severe lack of support for those suffering from a disability. Patients experience major muscle issues, though there was no time allowed for massages.

George would sneak in a few minutes to massage deep heat into their sore muscles and stretch out ‘locked’ muscles for conditions such as Cerebral palsy or Spastic Quadriplegia. Often he would go ‘overtime’ just so patients would be completely relieved.

Not only were these clients in pain from being wheelchair bound, but often suffered from anxiety. Many years ago, George had an opportunity to offer a complete one hour massage to a very anxious, disabled client who couldn’t speak and was very hyperactive. Indeed, the massage was a challenge because they often got up to walk around but eventually the client succumbed to the massage’s soothing effect.

Over the years, George learnt to adapt the style of massage to suit an agitated client who can’t sit still. It takes patience, perseverance and adaptability to each client and since then, George has massaged hundreds of agitated or anxious clients with disabilities. Over time they adapt to the massage and settle down and the majority of clients often simply walk to bed and go to sleep after the massage.

Who Can Benefit?

Wheelchair-bound Clients

Those seated for extended periods of time tend to experience mild to severe back pain. Massage therapy can provide significant relief from hip pain, lower and upper back pain and more.

Cerebral Palsy or Spastic Quadriplegia

Massage can be used to stretch out joints that have been ‘locked’ or ‘bent’ into a single immobile position for years. Clients experience relief when their ligaments are loosened and their joints are returned to their normal positions.

Spastic and Tight Muscles

Massage can prevail in cases where a limb refuses to obey a mental instruction and provide feedback as to where the arms, hands, legs and feet are positioned. Massage can ‘melt’ and relax spastic muscles and provide increased body awareness.

Relaxellent’s massage services are available in Shepparton as well as the surrounding areas of Echuca, Benalla, Kyabram, Wangaratta, Cobram and Bendigo.