All Relaxellent massage services are provided by a male masseur only.

The feet contain a myriad of nerves that are connected to the organs throughout the body and by having these points stimulated correctly, you can feel the sensation of having a full body massage! It’s no secret that your feet are one of the most heavily used and tense parts of the body and a reflexology massage is one of the most relaxing massages available to reduce this stress and muscle tightness.

Foot massages are nothing new and date back to ancient Egypt and China. Over 5,000 years ago our ancestors were rubbing each other’s feet. Then, just a few thousand years later, relatively speaking, in the 1800’s, Europeans invented ‘Reflexology’. By applying pressure with the hands, a reflexologist unblocks energy channels to restore health and organ function.

Reflexology is ideal for those who are on their feet all day, those running around town, runners and athletes. Give your feet a break and treat them to an amazing massage experience. Reflexology concentrates heavily on the soles and toes of the feet, relieving tiredness and soreness.

You’ll find our massage services extend from Shepparton to the surrounding areas of Echuca, Benalla, Kyabram, Wangaratta, Cobram and Bendigo!


Note: Reflexology massage has a maximum duration of 30 minutes and is usually incorporated into our one hour massage services.