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Full Body Massage Shepparton

Relaxellent is a reputable massage service specializing in 16 different massage modalities. Combining 26 years' experience with in-depth professional knowledge, Relaxellent is your best choice for a most entertaining, relaxing and rejuvenating experience.

My name is George Parker. I am a Degree qualified Naturopath and a licensed massage therapist. I offer customized personal massages designed to reduce stress and relief pain.

Conveniently located in Shepparton, Relaxellent is now one of the most sought after massage services for men and women striving to look and feel at their best.

Benefits of Relaxellent Massage

Intensive Deep massage

Super deep tissue massage to break up adhesions in tight muscles. Designed for the physically active the massage brings the muscles back into a good state of flexibility, elasticity and optimal performance potential.

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Kahuna Lomi Lomi
kahuna lomi lomi massage

Ka Huna(also known as Lomi Lomi massage) was founded by the ancient master healers from Hawaii. it was once reserved only for royalty due to it's exquisite and powerful connection to the Body, Mind and Universe.

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After Hours

For peoplewho work long hours, there is no better time to get a massage than after work. Yes i'm here for you even into the late hours of night! Don't end your day exhausted. Get a massage to start a new day refreshed!

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Lasting for up to two hours, the massage is designed to push relaxation to a whole new level. You can even customise the entire massage to suit the muscle groups you find the tightest and want to release. Several massages combined into one unforgettable two-hour experience!

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IATSM Massage

Undoubtedly the pinnacle of our massages, the IASTM (Instrument Assisted Soft Tissue Mobilization) Massage is in a class of its own. The entire process utilizes specialised tools and techniques to specifically target muscle damage, discomfort and knots with precision.

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Polynesian Floor

An entirely clothed massage, the Polynesian Floor Massage is the perfect starter massage that also incorporates ancient Kahuna massage principles. A primary focus on organic, muscle stretching movements fosters the deepest relaxation

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Relaxellent is not only your perfect option for a peaceful respite from the hectic pace of life, but also a great opportunity to empower and strengthen your body.

Many open-minded men and women have already enjoyed my massage sessions, feeling healthy, rejuvenated and confident. Join them now, you deserve it!

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Give me a call now, or fill out the contact form and I will reply as soon as possible. As an enthusiastic and experienced massage therapist I’m thrilled to offer you my massage sessions.

Let’s take stress out of your life and relieve your muscles. I’ll offer you the best massage modalities for your body, matching the best therapy for your specific needs.

Schedule your first no obligation session and see what everyone is raving about. Contact Relaxellent now and I will reply shortly.

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