All Relaxellent massage services are provided by a male masseur only.

Recognised as Relaxellent’s premier massage, our Deep Relaxation massage is comprised of a few different techniques to promote relaxation and to usher the mind into a deep state of calm. Our masseur, George, has seamlessly merged techniques from a range of different massage therapies into a single massage, creating a new type of relaxation-focused massage you simply can’t find anywhere else.

The Massage

Refined over almost two decades, the Deep Relaxation massage is one of the most effective ways for our clients to experience complete body relaxation. The massage utilises a whole suite of organic movements and focuses on stimulating the most relaxation-inducing zones on the body which include the scalp, face, feet as well as certain areas of the stomach.

To complement the massage, the use of essential oils, music as well as certain scents are incorporated into the experience to truly transfer your senses away from any stress or thoughts you might be having. This way you can truly only focus on the massage and nothing else that might be inhibiting your ability to relax deeply.

Additional Features

Once your massage is complete we don’t simply leave you to wind down yourself. You can choose to complement your Deep Relaxation massage with a guided mediation from our sister site Mindivine. The meditation session incorporates a number of techniques to reduce anxiety and stress after your massage so that you’ll be able to even more wholly relax.

Relaxellent Technique Development

In contrast to the countless other massage therapists in the Central Victorian region, the massage techniques developed by Relaxellent are done so in a way that integrates talent, evidence and science. There is far more to a massage than simply pushing down on to someone’s muscle and skin, and we know this.

Our Understanding and Results

A truly relaxing massage relies on organic and unexpected movement. You’ll understand this from if you try to massage your own body. You can predict where force will be placed because you’re doing it yourself, and ultimately a self-massage ends up being useless. The same applies to a professional massage. Some masseurs repeat movements and following very ‘structured’ massages. This means that their clients begin to notice patterns in their movements and are unable to relax.

At Relaxellent we ensure that our masseur, George, follows only organic movements and lets his body guide him, stopping repetitive and ‘calculated’ movements. That means you can expect to have one of the most organic, thorough and deeply relaxing massages.

Let’s Get Started

If you’re ready to say goodbye to years of built-up stress, feelings of anxiety and sore tender muscles, then give us a call or book online today. We extend our massage services throughout Shepparton and the surrounding areas of Echuca, Benalla, Kyabram, Wangaratta, Cobram, Bendigo. Our Deep Relaxation Massages are perfect day or night.

** Your Choice – You may wish to chose one of our Guided Meditation programs to follow during the massage. Please visit our sister site at We highly recommend ‘Abolish Anxiety’ or ’10 Minute Stress Manager’.