All Relaxellent massage services are provided by a male masseur only.

In keeping with traditional Chinese massage, this massage is powerful, active and dynamic. We’ll begin withgentle pressure which acts as a ‘scanner’ to quickly detect areas of tightness, adhesions and locked muscles. Once this warm-up is complete and the muscles are primed and softened, then comes the massage.

Typically just one area of the body is focussed on at a time. For example, the Rhomboid muscle or the lower back is worked on for 20-30 minutes before moving onto another problem area. Deep pressure is applied and fast, intensive and dynamic movement is used with the palms, fists, elbows and various massage devices.

Traditional Chinese Massage is similar to our Intensive-Deep Massage but more focussed on one area at a time. It is particularly useful for:

Treatment of soft tissue injury

The massage manipulates the soft tissue surrounding the injury to relieve stiffness and pain for injuries such as frozen shoulder, lower back pain and sciatica.

Break-down of Scar Tissue

Scar tissue majorly decreases mobility and range of movement in muscles, resulting in stiffness and painful joints. Chinese massage, with its deep pressure, is effective in breaking down scar tissue as well as loosening muscles and joints to provide significant pain relief.

Circulatory Problems

Chinese massage helps redirect the flow of Qi to the correct areas and balances the body’s energy system. The circulatory system is stimulated and energised by using specific hand techniques and stimulating pressure points. Particularly useful for diabetes-related circulatory issues, varicose veins, peripheral artery disease among many other issues.

Improved Emotional Health

Chinese massage works on the meridian system and unblocks trapped energy and Qi, thus it has a beneficial effect on the central nervous system. This is particularly useful for those suffering depression and anxiety to assist in unblocking energy flow that disrupts emotional states. The result is improved sleep and a feeling of overall wellbeing.

Increased Energy

Chinese massage is excellent for fatigue and lethargy. By realigning the flow of Qi, Chinese massage stimulates energy production in the body and produces a stimulating effect on the mind.

Get ready for a deeply stimulating and energy enhancing massage. Our massage services extend from Shepparton to the surrounding areas of Echuca, Benalla, Kyabram, Wangaratta, Cobram and Bendigo.