All Relaxellent massage services are provided by a male masseur only.

The Relaxellent Sleep like a Baby Massage has been developed specifically to assist those who can’t switch off. If you’re someone who lies in bed constantly overthinking or simply not being able to sleep, then this massage is for you.

It’s not uncommon in this day and age to find it difficult to sleep. Today’s world is fast paced, always on and never stops – even at bedtime – and those facts alone have assisted our masseur, George, in creating a massage that is designed from the ground up to assist with sleep.

The Massage

The Sleep like a Baby Massage has been developed to create a sense of calm and utilises multiple different organic movements. That means that during your massage you’ll find it difficult to focus on the issues that are causing you high levels of stress and you’ll be fixated entirely on the massage.

During the massage, high-quality essential oils will be used as they’re able to absorb into the skin, but also because of their soothing aroma and ability to act as a sedative. This means you’re far more likely to experience quality, deep sleep following your massage. On top of the addition of these oils, the massage is designed to focus deeply on the parts of the body that hold stress.

Mindivine Partnership

Once your Sleep like a Baby Massage is complete, you’ll be able to take advantage of our Mindivine Easing into Sleep CD which has been developed entirely focused around assisting you with getting to sleep. This will give you guidance and some direction on how to keep your body and mind calm before bed.

It’s time you invested in your health, sleep and daily comfort. Our massage services extend from Shepparton to the surrounding areas of Echuca, Benalla, Kyabram, Wangaratta, Cobram and Bendigo.

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Optional: Purchase ‘Easing into Sleep’ CD – Guided Imagery from our site